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Who is Dan G. Fox?

Let me start out by saying why this site is here.  I started this blog because I was extremely inspired by a man who is an American Black Conservative.  If you followed the 2012 GOP nomination process then you know that man is Presidential candidate Herman Cain.  He inspired me so much because in all honesty, I identified to him in so many ways.  He of course coined the term “American Black Conservative“, when I heard that term, I immediately connected with it, for that is what I am too.   So I call myself “Another Black Conservative”.  I never did use the term African-American as I am not a hyphenated American.  I am a Proud American who is conservative and who just happens to be black.

Growing up, I was labeled with constant changing terms to identify me.  First I was Negro, then I was Colored, then I was Afro American, then I became Black and when they decided to start using the term “African-American”, I said, I am not changing anymore.   And of course there is that other word that is called the “N” word that I was called too.  No wonder so many Blacks feel oppressed (and I use the word “feel”), because as a people we can’t stick with one identity.   I am staying Black and to use a term from the sixties that we use to use,  “I am Black and I am Proud”.



I didn’t grow up in a poor home, but we were low income and lived on the “other side of the tracks” in an all Black neighborhood.  It was a typical neighborhood where everyone knew each other.  We had “aunties”, grandmas and big mamas all over the neighborhood.  We were not related to any of them, but we respected them just like they really were our aunts and grandmothers and they all kept us in line.  I was a kid during the civil rights era, but I remember a lot of it from a kid’s perspective.  I can remember my mother taking me to march in picket lines at a local grocery chain  because they would allow Blacks to sack groceries and stock groceries, but they did not trust them to handle the money at the cash registers.  So they protested until that changed.  I can remember my parents going to pay the “poll tax” so they would be allowed to vote.  I can remember having to sit in the balcony at the movies and yes I can remember sitting at the back of the bus .

One thing that stands out to me is when I was about 10 years old and was downtown with a friend and had to go the restroom real bad.  I tried to use the one at this one place, but they would not let me.  I did not know why until later, but they just told me I was not allowed in there.  So, I ended up wetting myself.  My friend and I walked home that day instead of spending my dime and riding the bus because I did not want to be sitting on the bus and smelling like pee.

I also remember that I would beg my mom to go to this amusement park called Playland that we would pass by frequently.  I would ask her all the time to go.  I wanted to ride the rides and have fun like I saw the kids doing there.  I was only about 5 or 6 at the time.  I would cry and cry because she would not take me.  She always had an excuse as to why.  It was not until several years down the road they she told me why.  At the time that she would not take me, Blacks were not allowed there.  It wasn’t till a few years later that we were allowed to spend our money there.

My dear mom was a wise lady and I love her dearly. There was a time though that I thought she was the meanest mom in town.  Both my parents worked hard to put me into a Catholic private school.  My mom worked her regular job as a barber five days a week, then on Mondays which was one of her two days off, she would work at the school to help pay for my tuition.  From first through third grade, I was in an all Black Catholic Inner City school that had all Black lay teachers and nuns.  I was very happy and content and was being well educated and disciplined and learned respect of self and others.  Then in fourth grade in her infinite wisdom, she decided that she would put me into a mixed Catholic school.  This is the time that I thought my mom had lost her mind and was the meanest mom around.  Of course she had a plan, but being a little boy, I sure could not see it.

In fourth grade mom put me in what she called the “mixed” school which was only 3 blocks from my all Black school and all my friends.  She called it mixed, but I called it the “white kids” school, because when I arrived there, I was 1 of only 5 Blacks in the whole school and boy you sure knew it.  Heck when I got there and for several years later they were still flying the stars and bars Confederate flag over the school .  Initially there were no Black teachers at all.  I was accepted by most of the predominately Polish, German and Czech students, but there were a few that made my first few years there a living nightmare.

My grades went down, I was ridiculed and called the N-word and got into lots of fights just because I was “colored”.  The big fight happened when I wrote a note to this beautiful blond haired, Polish girl named Sharon whose desk was next to mine.  I was now at the age where boys started liking girls.  So I wrote a note to Sharon asking her to be my girlfriend.  Boy was that a mistake.   She laughed at me and told her friends.  After school while I waited for the bus to go home, her friends jumped me for trying to go with the White girl.   I went home bloodied and hurt.  Of course my mom dealt with it right away and other situations like that, but it was so often, it was wearing me down.  I just wanted to be a happy kid.  I would beg and beg and cry for my mom to move me back to my old school and she would cry with me and tell me that she hurt for me, but I will understand later in life why she put me there.  She was right and I am so glad today that she did.  Her goal as I later understood and she explained to me is that she wanted me to learn to not see colors in people and and to respect myself and others, even if they did not know how to respect.

It worked for I can truly say that I am color blind when it comes to race and I can get along with anyone of any race and never see a White person or a Black person, or Red, Yellow or Brown for that matter.  I just see people…. plain old people, each being an individual.  And yes some individuals are just down right mean and ignorant, but it is not because they are a particular race.  They are just plain old stupid.  Thank God for my mom’s wisdom.  I learned that no one can hold me back except me, myself and I.

I grew up in a home that  voted strictly Democrat.  Like most Blacks at that time, both my mom and dad were Democrats till they day they died.  The first couple of elections I voted in as an adult, I voted as a Democrat.  I even worked as an intern in a Democrat State Representative’s office.  In fact I was so into being a Democrat that I was a delegate to the state convention for Jesse Jackson the first time that he ran for President in 1984.  (I was young and dumb back then).  The more I got involved in politics and I was heavily involved in the behind the scenes work, the more I realized that I was voting and working for Democrats, but I didn’t agree with anything they stood for.  My principles that my mom taught me growing up were conservative, even though she voted Democrat.  That was just the thing to do if you were Black.  As I got more educated I begin to realize that the Democrat party has done more to hurt Black people and keep them down then any other entity and continues to do so today.  The only thing that I do agree with the Democrat Party is their stance on Capital punishment.  I am Pro-Life from conception to natural death.  Of course the Democrat party does support the killing on unborn babies so it is not a pro-life party, but I do support their stance on stopping capital punishment.

The liberal mentality of the Democrat Party is so opposite of the beliefs of the typical Black family, and the more Blacks that educate themselves, the more that will wake up and move to the right.  There are more and more Blacks becoming conservative everyday because the veil is being lifted and they are beginning to see.  Although we are not “BeBe” Kids, I will borrow  their slogan from years ago.  Black Conservatives, don’t die, we multiply.  As Ann Coulter recently said, “Once you go Black Conservative, you don’t go back.”

Like what Herman Cain stood for when he ran for president and what Dr. Ben Carson stands for as he runs for the 2016 presidential race, I want a better America for my grandkids too so that they can enjoy the rights promised to them by the constitution and I want them to have the Right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

That is why this blog is here.  I want all Americans to understand what the liberal mentality has done to our great nation and that only happens through awareness and education, so I am here to help educate and create awareness.  Together “We the People” can turn this country around, bring it back to God and enjoy the land of the free the way that is was intended to. government OF of the people, not OVER the People.

Dan G. Fox  holds degrees in Theology, Psychology and Pastoral Counseling and is an ordained minister.

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