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America breaks out in war

Ycivil wares my fellow patriot, America is at war.

Not a literal war, at least not yet, but a war of values, culture and tradition.  And for now the American way is loosing the battle but hopefully not the war itself.   In the USA we basically have a two party system, but to be honest that is no longer relevant.  We have an uprising among the people on both the Democrat and the Republican side that says that status quo is no longer acceptable.

At one time America was a country that stood on Judaeo-Christian values, family, community and country.  Day by day that is being thrown out. What use to be accepted is no longer accepted and what use to be frown upon is now okay.  We are upside down.

Fortunately there are still some Christians and patriots that are willing to stand up and take a stand and some if necessary are willing to go to a civil war.  I still believe that we can accomplish going back to a better America at the ballot box, but it is getting less and less believable by the day.  We have a government that is out of control.

Now I have to give full disclosure that at this time I am a Donald Trump supporter.  I was originally a supporter of Scot Walker, then when he bowed out, I went to Trump and Cruz is my Second (or #2 – however you want to say it) choice.

That being said, I have learned to be objective no matter what my opinion is. Tonight there was a publication of the National Review Online that is fully dedicated to taking Trump down.  It has articles from various establishment republicans that trying to show how Trump is not a conservative.  Trump is leading is pretty much all polls if not indeed all polls and it has the opposition running scared that they are losing control of the people.

There are even Republican party senators and members  that are saying that if Trump or Cruz for that matter does not get the nomination, that they will vote for the Democrat nominee or not vote at all.  That shows you how much they want to hold on to power that they are willing to sell out the country.

The establishment is working in every area to thwart the desires of the people, but we are no longer the “silent majority”.  We will not stand to any longer to be pushed around.  The more they attack Trump, the stronger he gets.  They just don’t get it.  Hold fast patriots, America can come back.  America can be great again!


The grassroots of America are not going to take it anymore. No, we are not going to take it anymore.  We listened to the establishment in 2008.  We listened to the establishment in 2012 and we did not win either time.  Now we have our candidate.  The people’s choice and we are not going to take you shoving your choice down our throats anymore.

As of this writing Cruz and Trump are 1st and 2nd ( or 1 and 2 – however you want to say it) and they both are anti-establishment, so we will be better off as a country with either, but Trump seems like he would be the one that will be able to win and “make America better again”.  (pun intended).

If we do not get this right this year, America may not be able to come back.  I believe this is our last chance to turn this great nation around or we will become a new Sodom and Gomorrah.

Reagan 11 CommandmentAs a conservative, I appeal to other conservatives to stop fighting each other.  Ronald Reagan said that the 11th (or is that #11) commandment is to not speak ill of other Republicans.  From the candidate to the supporters, I think we have thrown that out the window.  I implore you all to shout from the highest mountain the benefits to electing your candidate, but totally and completely refrain from the negative attacks on fellow Republicans running.

Despite that fact that I want Donald J. Trump to win, if he does not, I do not want the eventual Republican candidate  to be facing the democrat candidate wounded.  I will vote Republican not matter what, not matter who it is.  I may have to hold my nose and vote, but I will do it as this election will change the future on mankind in not just the United States but the whole world.




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