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Being on time

OnTimeWhen I was a kid, my dad always told me it was better to be 30 minutes early to an appointment than to be 30 seconds late. I was taught it was a matter of disrespect to have someone waiting for you because you were late. I have tried to remember that my whole life.

Today I went to by grandson’s middle school football game. When I got there, it was about 35 minutes before the game was to start. I was the only one there. No team(s), no parents, not fans, nobody. I called my son to see if I was at the wrong location. He said the game was not until 4:30 and it was 3:55. He almost made me feel like I lost my mind for expecting things to be happening at the homecoming game by now. So I told him I would wait for them in the parking lot.

About 4:05, still no one was present, but I saw a school district policeman in her patrol car, so still doubting that I was at the right place, I ask her if I was at the correct place for the game.  She said yes.  I then said, why is no one here?   Where is the team.  She looked at her watch and said, “THE GAME IS NOT UNTIL 4:30”.    So I patiently waited some more.  Well not patiently, but I did wait.  At about 4:15, my grandson’s team finally comes onto the field.  Then about 4:25, my son arrives and more parents.  It looked like a game was getting ready to start.

But wait, were are the opponents?  I looked at my watch at 4:40 opposing team was still not there for the 4:30 kickoff.  No one seemed to be bothered except me.

Low and behold at 4:45 the opposing team shows up and at 4:50 (20 minutes after the game was suppose to start), the game began.

funeral-lateI tell you some people will be late for their own funeral I tell you.  I guess I am still trying to hold on to values from the old days as my world deteriorates around me.

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