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Black Lives Matter?

We have been hearing this slogan for a while now and of course they are referring to situations where a Black person is killed or abused by the police.  But if Black lives really matter to those who shout this out, then they need to look at why these young people even end up in situations like this….

arrestedFamily praying in church

Rarely do young people who are being respectful of the police end up across the hood of a police car in handcuffs.  The reason we keep seeing scenes like above so much is that kids are not being reared like they were in the past.  Notice I said reared, not raised. We rear a child and we “raise” cattle.  So many young parents don’t know how to take care of themselves, let alone alone rear their kids.  Kids are virtually raising themselves or being raised by the streets.  Rarely are kids who are brought up in the “Church House” end up in the “Jail House”, but yet most kids never see the inside of a church anymore.

I don’t like to see a kid no matter whether they are Black, White, Brown or Spotted being arrested and in trouble with the law, but PARENTS, if you don’t start teaching your kids when they are young, it will make it more difficult and virtually impossible when they get to be teens.

Parents If Black Lives Matter….


Teach them to respect you while they are young.  Why would you allow your kid to disrespect you, or in this case of the picture to the right, slap you?  If they can’t respect you, how can they respect others. slaps-mom
Teach them to respect their teachers and others in authority.  Teach them if someone in authority is wrong, still respect them and them let you know and other trusted authorities. teachers
Teach them to respect themselves. If they can’t respect themselves, then how do you expect others to respect them as well.  They need to be taught that certain things are wrong.  When they think everything goes, then no one will respect them. sagging1
Teach them proper role models.  Tupac was not, is not and never will be a good role-model, but yet he and other gangster rappers are lifted up by some kids and their parents.  They learn the way of life from these rappers and their songs. tupac
Teach your kids to strive for the best.  Dr, Carson is a much better role model.  He was brought up in  a single family home after his dad abandoned his mom.  Not only did he because one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the world, he is running for the president of the United States. A much better role-model to teach your kids to emulate than Tupac or some other rap artist. ben carson
Teach your kids that there are some things that adults do that kids do not.  The lines have been blurred too much these days.  Kids are not little adults, they are kids.  They can not do everything that adults do.  If an adult wants to take a chance on getting cancer, that is their business, but kids don’t know the full consequences of all their decisions at such a  young age. kids-cigarette
Teach your kids responsible gun use.  I know this is controversial.  I have no problem with guns.  I had my first BB gun when I was a kid and my first rifle when I was 10.   My dad had guns all over the house and never did I think to touch them or worse shoot someone with it.  So responsible gun usage is good, but my parents taught me that.  You need to teach your kids that guns are NOT  A TOY and they don’t use them on the streets like a war zone.  Too many kids are killing each other because they are not being taught. guns
Teach your kids that fighting is not the answer to all things.  Teach them to work things out.  We are not all going to get along.  We are not all going to agree. We are going to get insulted and get our feelings hurt.  But we don’t have to fight over it. fighting
Teach your kids that drugs, whether it is marijuana or the hard stuff is not good.  When they are using drugs at such a young age, the will become less interested in the things that are wholesome and good to and for them.  They will become less interested in school and become more interested in the streets. drugs
Teach them that gangs are not good.  Kids join gangs for protection, support, love and power.  If you are not giving your kids those things or if you are not showing them how to properly get them, then they will seek it out and possibly find it in the wrong way such as gangs. gangs





















































I could continue with even more, but these are some of the basics.  Yes these are common sense to most parents, but so many young people are not getting these little directions of life and they end up like this….

gun cigs

You have to stay involved with your kids.  When you become a parent, you no longer live your life just for yourself, but it if for you and your children.   Kids don’t have to be in a police line, they can be in the graduation line, but you have to help them along the way.  Your kids can be successful. Most do, but few without guidance.Students Graduate From high school





If Black Lives really do matter to you, start acting like it before they encounter the police.  If Black lives matter, show it while they are young and they will be just fine in the end. If Black lives matter, stop killing each other and show that you believe it for real.

Black Lives Matter to me and so do all other lives.  Let’s make a difference now before the police and society has to.

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