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How did people become so ignorant?

Don't tase me bro.

Don’t tase me bro.

I was watching the video below and was not sure which was more disturbing, the two in the video of the many people’s comments about the video.  Either way both the video and the comments show how uneducated and entitled many people feel today and it is destroying the fabric of our Country and American culture.

The Title of the Video is “Virginia Police Caught Assaulting Teens, Video Deletion Fails”. Virginia Police Caught Assaulting Teens, Video Deletion Fails

The title of the video is very misleading and in fact totally incorrect.  Watch the video and then I will share my observations on the whole thing and the state of our country.

Virginia Police Caught Assaulting Teens, Video Deletion FailsVirginia Police Caught Assaulting Teens, Video Deletion FailsPolice in Virginia Beach, VA have been caught on video assaulting two teenagers after pulling them over for a broken license plate light. The officers subsequently tried, yet failed to delete the cell phone footage.

Posted by Revolution News on Thursday, April 9, 2015

First it is obvious that this was not in my home state of Texas since the kid kept hollering he was 17 and wanted his mommy there.  In Texas when it comes to legal infractions if you are 17, then you are treated as an adult and not a juvenile.  That being said even if he was a minor of 17 years or 14 years old, he has to comply with a legal order of a law officer.  In fact at 10 years old in Texas he could legally be arrested.

Secondly, the “entitled” teen says he will not comply unless his mommy is present.  That is not the law.  Law Enforcement can detain, search and arrest a minor without their parent being present.  If the minor is arrested, then they can not question the said minor without legal requirements being met though,  such as lawyer and/or parent being present.  In this case he was not being arrested, but asked to step out of the car because of alleged smell of marijuana coming from the car.  I actually chuckled when the driver thought by her saying that “she did allow marijuana in her car”, that they should just believe her and let them on their merry way.

This 17 year old was asked on multiple occasions to get out of the car, he kept being non-compliant.  He kept saying they had no right to give him legal orders unless his mommy was there and demanding to call her.  He was wrong.  His only course of action at that time was to get out of the car as ordered.  He refused.  It appears they pepper spray him and attempt to pull him out.  He at that point resist both verbally and physically and they tase him a couple of times.  Then he follows instructions to get out of the car, but you can still hear on the video that his continues to be a spoiled entitled brat.

There was NO POLICE ABUSE here.  He needed to comply.  Mom did not have to be called for this interaction.  Just because you are a juvenile does not mean you do not have to comply.  Juveniles can be and have been violent and they will be treated the same as an adult.

The cops here did no wrong.  In fact they exercised calmness and restraint.  This whole scene could have been avoided if he would have just obeyed the law.        Folks even if the officer was wrong, follow his instruction and then seek recourse afterwards.  You had it on video, but by disobeying the lawful orders, he was subsequently arrested.  Not a smart move.  Most of the police interactions that go wrong is because the detained person did not comply.

I do realize that there are some bad apples in law enforcement, but there are 1000’s of great ones and your chances of having a positive interaction with them is better than not.

More disturbing to me that the actions of this entitled kids are the comments on the video which you can read at  Many of those comments show how uneducated and lack of understanding of law that the American public is.  It also shows the amount of hate toward a group of people who are there to protect us and our family.  Again, I know there are some who are horrible and should not be officers, but don’t paint them all with the same brush, you would not want that for you either.

The other thing about those comments were that most could not discuss the topic with any reasonable maturity.  They are strewn with insults and obscenities.  It’s obvious they did not take debate class in school.  You can have your views and you can disagree, but why go back to middle school behaviors, particularly on something as serious as this topic is.  Based on many of the comments they attempted to give “legal advice” that was totally wrong and if people followed it would get them arrested, hurt or even killed.

If we want a civilized nation, we have to have laws and we have to have someone enforce those laws.  If you get a bad enforcer, get rid of them legally.  If you don’t like the law, get it changed legislatively, but you can’t make up your own laws or only have the laws YOU want to have enforced.  That is a prescription for chaos.

Now I will finish this article with clarification.  I am not a lawyer and I don’t even play one of TV, but I do use common sense which is something a lot of people are not using any longer.  Some things are just basic and this 17 year old, his supporter and many of the video commenters are not using common sense and do not understand basic law.  We have dumbed down our citizenry and that needs to change.  Just because you do not like a situation or think it is not right does not make it not right.

What say you?

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