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Is the presidency campaigns only for the rich?

contributions1Many a great potential president has been ruled out because of lack of money.  Some campaigns never get off the ground because they did not have enough money to run an effective campaign and others started, but could not get enough money to keep going.  Case in point, Scott Walker dropped out of the 2016 campaign as his money dwindled and looks like Jeb Bush will do so soon as well.

I realize that the way our system is setup is that the higher you are in polls, the more contributions you will have.  But polls go up and down. Or the more donations you get to your campaign or PAC or Super PAC, the better shot you have at succeeding.  But is that how it should be?  Should money be the deciding factor in keeping a candidate in or not.

Then you have Donald Trump who is a billionaire telling all the candidates to give back their Super PAC money as he is.  Well that is not right either since he has own money to finance his campaign.  But if that is the only way to do it, then only the rich could run for the president.

I keep seeing these memes about all the candidates except for Trump being “bought” because they accept large  campaign contributions.   Just because a candidate accepts the money to get his message oucontributiont, does not mean they are accepting a bribe to enact laws a certain way.  Now granted, they should not be accepting money from a group they don’t support, but why not otherwise.  I think it is more about the candidate’s character on who and what they accept money for in regards to their campaign.  To a good and honest politician(I know an oxymoron) they will know the difference between a contribution and a bribe.

This is not a slap against Mr. Trump as I have no problems with him, but I don’t want a presidential election where only those with money can win.  We need a system where the unknown with little money could rise up and have the potential to win the election.  To be honest, I do not know what the real solution to this would be, but I do know we need to take a look at how the better run our elections so that the office of the president is not bought either by the rich candidate or rich corporations.
May the best man win.  Fortunately in the GOP we have a lot of GREAT choices so I know the best man will will.  Sorry Carly.


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