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Is Trump too Vulgar to be President?

Trump fires ObamaNot sure if you heard Donald Trump’s speech in New Hampshire today or not?  He actually said the “Pu**y” word when referring to Cruz.  Well actually he repeated a line that a female supporter in Manchester, New Hampshere said.  She called Ted Cruz a P*ssy.  Trump repeated it without blinking an eye so that the rest of the audience could here what she said.

He then pretended to admonish her “for the benefit of the press” since they attacked him in the past for not protecting President Obama from a comment made by a another supporter previously.

The Donald is known to use some rather risque words while he has been on the campaign trail and there are many, both supporters and opponents who have frowned upon him because of it. I think he has used every word in the book with the exception of the “F” Word  and maybe the “S”  Word.

Is that presidential for Trump to use such obscene language?

Now before I continue, let me say I deplore that language. Trump is as raw as you can get, especially for a presidential candidate and I wish he would not use it.  I don’t like to hear the language and I do not use it myself.  I can remember the exact day and situation that was the last time that I used obscene language. I won’t go into specifics, but I will tell you that it was in 1978, Yep, the last time I said any “cuss” word was 1978 and it was a doozy.   That being said, I think it is rude, crude and just down right unnecessary.


I am not electing a pastor or the Pope for that  matter.  Instead, I am voting for the President of the United States, and for the one that I truly believe that God has sent to help save the USA.

Yes, Trump in the most publicly foul mouth person that I have ever seen run for the office of president, but at least…


Yep, like it or not Mr. Trump is one of the most honest candidate to run for president.  He doesn’t say what he thinks you want to hear, but instead, says what is on his mind…. like it or not.

There have been many presidents and candidates prior to Mr. Trump that have said the same thing or worse that Trump has said.  The only difference is that Donald Trump is not PC (politically correct) so that he can win votes, but he shows us his real self and does not show us a fake persona like many of his predecessors and fake politicians.

Lyndon B. Johnson, a democrat president who took over after JFK was assassinated also used very foul language like Trump but even worse.  Johnson call the Black People “Niggers”.  We know that today because there are tapes of him “secretly” calling Blacks the “N” word, but only privately, not publicly.  And listening  To President Nixon’s tape, he too was very foul mouthed.  The words he used would even make a “drunken sailor” blush.  (Don’t hate… I love sailors and all of our military).  Again the difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon hid his language and Trump is being real with the American people.

Then there was Bess Truman, wife of President  Harry Truman.

After hearing a speech by President Truman, one of the ladies who had heard his speech approached the First lady.  She asked Mrs Truman if she could make him stop using the word “manure.”  It was a vulgar word in their opinion, and he was, afterall, the President of the United States.

Bess replied, “Heavens no! It took me twenty-five years to get him to say ‘manure.”

So while I don’t personally approve of Trumps vulgarity, BUT as far as if he is Presidential or not because he uses it, I say “Heck Yea…” He is just a presidential as all the previous presidents! (At least he does not use cigars like Prez. Clinton)

president trumpTrump may not “look” presidential to some, but he is in good company as far as his language.  Honestly, I wish he would tone the language and the insults down, but if that works for him and it get’s him into the White House and he indeed “Makes America Great Again”, then I support him….

100 “F********” percent.  (And you thought I slipped…)  That is 100 FANTASTIC percent.  🙂


I have no idea if Mr Trump can accomplish what he says he will, but if he uses the same wisdom to run the country that he has used to run his business “empire”, then America will be great again, and probably…. BETTER!




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3 Comments on Is Trump too Vulgar to be President?

  1. Wasn’t she a character in a James Bond movie?

  2. I think he’s just vulgar enough. At least he doesn’t tell the American people to go F*CK themselves like virtually everyone in the current administration does.
    Trump. The President.
    Deal with it.

  3. And just a note for, it’s not “to vulgar,” since that would make vulgar a verb. Rather, it’s “too vulgar,” which means excessively vulgar.

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