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It’s not about Black Lives Matter – It’s about CIVILITY!

BLM protester is removed from Trump rally.

BLM protester is removed from Trump rally.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion of Black protesters being kicked out of Donald Trump rallies.  And some have been forcefully pushed out.  A lot of the protesters are part of the “Black Lives Matters”  movement.  They come into a Trump rally ready to cause a disturbance.  They know they are going to be handled, but yet they choose to disrupt a peaceful assembly.  What do they expect is going to happen?

Because a lot of them are Black, they want to make claim that Trump and his supporters are racist.

That is pure hogwash.  These followers have waited in line and in some cases they have waited for hours to hear Mr. Trump.  If you see some of those lines, you would think it was Black Friday, or shoppers waiting in line for hours for the newest Jordans.  These people did not wait in line all that time to hear a bunch of protesters.  They waited to hear Trump.

Mr. Trump did not pay all his money to rent a venue just to be interrupted constantly by protesters.  He also has a crowded and limited schedule and any time that is taken away  from his speech is cheating him out of his time and the people out of their time.

If a group of protesters went into any business such as Walmart, Target,  McDonalds, NFL, etc. and started disrupting the business, they would be removed as well.  These protesters know that their message is not going to get out.  They are not doing it for that.  They are doing it so they can throw daggers at Mr. Trump and his supporters.

If they want to protest, do it legally and head across the street and protest all you want in a peacefully manner.  Mr. Trump and his supporters have a right to a peaceful assembly without constant disruptions.

If they really wanted to be heard, they would set up a meeting with Mr. Trump to discuss their grievances, which in reality he has no control over at this point.  He has suggested that on many occasions, but they don’t want that.  They want the negative attention instead.  They want to make him out to be a racist, but his life and his history does not bear that out.

It is NOT about Black Lives Matter or Black people period.  It is about Civility.

We have become such an uncivil society that we think it is okay to be rude and disrupt and that the people being disrupted should cower in the corner like a whipped puppy dog, but people are tired of it and will not take it anymore, even if you are Black or White.  It does not matter what your issue it, be civil and you would be heard more than when you do this mess you are creating and trying to blame Trump.

I would love to see their reaction if a bunch of Trump supporters went into a Beyonce concert and started protesting “BLUE LIVES MATTERS“.  I suggest we would see them being forcefully removed real quick.  I guarantee we would see similar results by her fans for the same reasons.  They would not want to wait in line all that time to see her sing and then in the middle of every other song the song is interrupted by Blue Lives Matter protesters.  They would be irate and I think there may even be some violence on top of it.  As we see in the picture below there was an Anti-Beyonce Rally and a support Blue Lives, but they are not in the middle of her concert.

Blue Lives Matter Rally

Blue Lives Matter Rally

Protest -Yes.  Fight for your Beliefs – Yes.  Just do it legally, peacefully and civilly.  You will get a lot further.

Finally, there have been people other than Blacks that have been kicked out of Trump rallies because they were disruptive and not because they were a particular race.  The main stream media does not talk about that because that would ruin their story line and their goal.

Non-Black protester removed from Trump Rally.

Non-Black protester removed from Trump Rally.

Red, Yellow, Black or White, we are  precious in His sight…. but don’t disrupt a Trump rally tonight.


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