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Liberals are for everything deemed evil by God.

I ran acrliberalsoss this meme to the left on Facebook this morning and it caught my attention.  It said “Ever notice that everything deemed evil by God, Liberals are for?”  At first I just looked at it and thought it was cute, but when I thought about it more, I realized that it was right on.

For the most part, most liberals are democrats and use that platform to push their positions, and most of their positions are anti-God.  After all it was at the 2012 Democrat National Convention that they voted 3 times to NOT include God in their platform and then when the chairman “lied” and said that an amendment passed that would include God, they Boo-ed Him.  No wonder it is becoming more and more obvious that the liberals and the Democrat party embrace anti-God positions.

The video below shows how they just did not want God included in their platform as well as not wanting to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

Not all Democrats are for what God deems as evil, but most are and those who are not, go along with it out of ignorance…

Part of the problem is that not all Democrats are for what God deems as evil, but most are and those who aNo Ten (10) Commandmentsre not, go along with it either out of ignorance of what the liberal agenda is or a misguided loyalty to their party.  Their loyalty should be to God and his principles.  If the Democrats had their wish, they would outlaw every element of the 10 commandments.  They have already succeeded in having any display of it removed from most government buildings including court houses where the laws that are based on the 10 commandments are adjudicated.

I won’t go through all the commandments but I will go over a few of them.  Of course I have to start with the biggie.

Thou shall not kill:  This is referring to unnecessarily taking a life, particularly an innocent life.  Of course the Democrats overwhelming support the murder of innocent babies in the womb, with no respect for life.  God says “don’t kill”, the libs say “don’t kill unless it is inconvenient to keep the child”.

Thou shall have no gods before me:  The libs have embraced atheism and secularism as their “god”.  I mentioned earlier how they boo-ed God at the convention.  They don’t care what God wants; they push what they want.

Thou shall not take God’s name in vain:  The libs mock God.  It is because of the liberal agenda that blasphemy in the name of “art”, such as a crucifix in a jar full of dung is allowed.  They pushed and succeeded in taking the name of God out of schools.  Not allowing God’s name to be spoken is just as bad as taking His name in vain.

Thou shall not commit adultery:   This includes all forms of sexual immorality.  It is the liberal agenda that is now allowing “gay” marriages. There really is no such thing as “gay” marriages as marriage is a sacrament instituted by God and the liberals have made a mockery of it.

Thou shall not covet:  The libs get an A+ in this one for they covet everything that anyone successful has.  The hate the rich person who has worked hard to get their money.  The mock success and want to push the successful people down. The liberals have created a climate of racial, cultural and class envy.

I could go on and on with each commandment, but I think you get the idea.

The liberals total agenda is to remove God from every element of our lives except in our own home and in our churches.

The disdain that they have for God, His laws, principles and His way of life for us is just deplorable.  Liberalism puts man first instead of God first and He said He is a jealous God.  We can not longer continue to allow the liberal agenda to push God out of the picture.  If we love this land that we live in here in the USA and we want God to Bless America , we have to stop the Democrats and the liberal agenda in their tracks.  If Poland can do it, surely the United States can also.  Poland just voted out every liberal from their government. (reference:  Good for them and I predict that they will see a rise in their country.

It’s not too late yet, but it is getting there. Put God first when you vote and we can protect America and get it back on the right track.



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