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Loud Speaker of the house

speaker of the houseThe last few weeks, the Speaker of the House has been the people of the United States of America.  That is the sure fire winner was suppose to be Keven McCarthy of California, but the people of the country became the “LOUD SPEAKER OF HOUSE“!   If you have been on Facebook around the political circles in the last couple of weeks, you would have seen images and posts that explicitly says “No McCarthy”, “No Boehner 2.0”, etc.  Congressional offices were inundated with calls from their constituents that they did not want McCarthy.

The media makes all of this out as a Republican Party in chaos, when the opposite is the truth.  The GOP is a party of the people and the people have rose up and said “I am mad as Hell, and I won’t take it no more“.  mad The people are tired or electing politicians that do not carry out what the voted them in for.  So while the media and the left want to paint the Republican Party as a ship without a rudder, the reality is this is a party where the democratic process is taking place and working.  The GOP is moving to a party “FOR THE PEOPLE” again.

I am frankly glad to see these representatives listen to the people.  Let’s hope this is the start of what the future will look like for our great country.  The party has several great representatives that they will be able to be choose from.  If they take their time and listen to thhouse speakere people, they will elect a speaker that will be able to lead the house in the way that they people want for their house.

If not, they will hear from the LOUD SPEAKER of the House again.

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