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Need strong speaker not a rino

rino-noDue to the sudden resignation of Speaker John Boehner and his early retirement from the House of Representatives, the Republicans will be electing a new Speaker of the House on Thursday, October 8.  Boehner seemingly was pushed out by the more conservative wing of the GOP.

There are so many Rinos in congress, sometimes it is hard to distinguish the Republicans from the Democrats.  (Of course RINO stands for “Republican in name only”.)

For some time the Freedom caucus of the party or as it also is known at the Tea Party is the true conservative, right wing of the party and they have been fighting tooth and nail to get the party  back to the right and moved away from the moderate center.

There are three representatives that are running for the speaker position; House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Florida and House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah.  Who ever wins the speaker job will have to win over some if not most of the Freedom caucus.  That is not an easy task.  To be honest though there really are not a lot of good choices from these three since none of these three are far right and in fact McCarthy who has the most votes at this time, is said would be John Boehner 2.0.  We don’t need that.  We need a real conservative leader.

In a perfect world from my perspective, I would have preferred Trey Gowdy or Louie Gohmert, but neither has expressed the interest. It is still not too late though.  If no candidate gets the votes needed, then there possibly could be a draft Trey Gowdy movement.  It remains to be seen, but we will all know on Thursday.

All I know is that Republicans had better use good judgement when deciding so we can can get a good strong leader who will stand up to the president and Dems when needed.  They need to make sure that the new leader is not a RINO because afterall, they are not extinct yet….. Working on it, but not yet.


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