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Proof that Trump has had Conservative values since the 80’s

Donald J. Trump in 1988

Donald J. Trump in 1988

All we hear day in and day out is that Trump is a  Johnny come lately conservative.  Wrong.  As far back as 1988 at least, we know that Donald Trump has been supporting Republican candidates.  Now as a businessman, he has dealt with politicians on both sides of the aisle and that is a shrewd businessman, but what are his principles.  That is the big question. Yes there is no denying that he has had some liberal positions in the past, but it is very evident that after he saw the damage that the Democrats, liberals and moderate Republicans have caused to this country, he realized that the conservative principles that he had back in the 80’s are what is best for America and that is what he stands for today.

So what is the proof that Trump did not just jump on the Republican bandwagon.  Take a look at this clip of him being interviewed during the 1988 Republican convention.

What is interesting is that not only is he called a Republican, but he is called a CONSERVATIVE.

What more proof do you need?  Both Larry King and Chris Wallace interviewed Mr. Trump.  It shows his genuine concern for the country and the values of true conservatism.  Also while being interviewed by Tom Brokaw, Trump says that he had prospered greatly from the Reagan years, which explains why he is such a fan of fiscal conservatism.

Even back as far as 1988 Trump was holding political fundraisers for Republicans as we see from this snippet from Politico below.

Donald Trump fundraiser for George Bush.

Trump and Ronald Reagan

So there you have it, Trump did not just become a Republican or a conservative for this election cycle.  Yes he has been pro-choice in the past, but he says he is now 100% Pro-Life.

In an interview with Life News back in January of 2015, Trump talks about being pro-life as far back as 2011.  He says “that he is pro-life on abortion and that he changed his views from supporting abortion to pro-life based on his relationships with close personal friends who had children. Their pregnancy experiences, Trump maintains, allowed him to mature on the abortion issue to the point of now opposing abortion.

We all change and evolve as we understand life better and mature because of our experiences. Ronald Reagan did it and he was one of the best Presidents we have had in the USA.  Donald J. Trump may very well be the next best president.

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