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Proud to be a Texan

HOWDY  Ya’LL! (That’s Texan for hello)

Every State has its advantages and disadvantages, but I have to tell you, that I am proud to be from Texas.  There is so much to txbe proud of too.  First we have so many of our own resources that we could be our own country, but don’t worry The United States needs us, so we won’t be succeeding from the union, (well not just right now).  Even though we are being infiltrated by non-Texans, we still have that Texas hospitality that can only come from a native Texan.


The other thing that I am thrilled about is that we are a Red STx1tate for the most part.  What I mean by that is that we still maintain basic Conservative and Christian values.  There is a church within walking distance no matter where you live, so you have no excuses.

We have had a concealed carry law for years and in January we will have open carry.  We believe in the Second Amendment in Texas.  We have also worked out how to close down almost all abortion clinics but a few with a recent law and just last week we have come up with a way to not give Planned Parenthood any of our  money.  OH,  did I mention we have NO STATE INCOME TAXES!

It is cheaper to live in Texas than most states, and there are plenty of jobs since we are business friendly.  Not only is Texas Business friendly, but it is Family friendly as well.  It is a great place to raise your kids.  OH and the food.  No matter what you want, you will find here, especially the BEST Barbecue on Earth!  Not to mention Tex-Mex and Mexican food and of course BlueBell Ice Cream.

We believe in exercising our freedoms here and if we can keep D.C.  out of our business, we will do just fine.  I could go on and on, but I found a site that like 101 Reasons to live in Texas!  It is a pretty comprehensive list, so check it out.

This is not to take anything away from ya’lls little old states, but when your from Texas, you have a BIG EGO too as everything is Texas is big (including our hearts).



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