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Rifle in school parking lot

I am not sure how it was when and where you grew up, but when I was a kid in San Antonio, Texas, it was very common to see rifles hanging in a pickup truck and dare I say, even in the parking lot of my school. Also most boys carried a pocket knife. It would be nothing for a teacher to ask for someone with a knife and several of us would raise our hands, even me with my trusty Scout knife.


Despite kids having guns in their trucks in the school parking lot or some boys carrying guns, you never heard of any of us shooting each other or shooting up the school.

What’s the difference? Well it is not the guns that are the problems, but it is a lack of moral, values and the respect of life.

Back then more people went to church than not, now today that is the opposite.
Back then, there was the pledge and prayer in school.
Back then, kids respected authority.
Back then we had no cops that was at the school constantly.

Today, we have replaced God, respect and patriotism in schools with cops that have to be there for protection, shootings, drugs and total chaos.

America does not have a gun problem, we have a moral problem.

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1 Comment on Rifle in school parking lot

  1. no it’s not about GOD or lack of god, church..GOD (Guns/Oil/Drugs) it’s because of it. More lies from politicians, more wars, more violence on the boobtube and mass media, passive fat brainwashed public, violent computer games, lack of education, but MOSTLY the drugs. LEGAL* prescribed drugs. Didn’t have kids on “busy boy” drugs when we were growing up.
    As long as fat lazy Americans can kick back comfortably in their recliner, with a beer and a bud, can fill their tank of gas with a plastic card and get every new app for their iPhone so they can watch their team or tweet their twit remarks on Flakebook. The shooting will only increase as another part of the sick society we have as long as corps. run the public for profit.
    Sucker born every minute. Feed em drugs, let em shoot each other they don’t care. You don’t see any shooting in wealthy society. Harvard? Yale? Skull and Bones? Stanford? Princeton? pffft! yea not.

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