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Some people need tougher skin.

unfriendIt is amazing to me how easy people’s feelings get hurt because you don’t support THEIR candidate. A Cruz supporter posted a statement on Facebook that to me was obviously a falsehood. Using common sense I say it is 100% false. So I simply put “nonsense” as a reply. She types Bye-Bye to me and then unfriends me.
I then add another reply about we have to use common sense in politics and if what she has posted was true about Trump, it would easily be proven and outed and the media and GOPe would be all over it.  She then removes the post all together.
The sad thing is that I am a Cruz supporter also, it is just that he is #2 at this point on my list. I have had several Cruz people either threaten to unfriend/block me or have already.
I don’t care whether you are for Trump, Cruz, or any of the others, we can be civil with each other and should not want to unfriend because we don’t agree with each other. I mean seriously.  That’s like little kids arguing and one stick their fingers in their ears so that can’t hear what the other one says.   How else do we learn if have no logical discussion. I know Trump supporters do the same. That is more like democrat/liberal behavior.
Unless you are extremely rude and crude, I am not going to unfriend you. I have thick skin and want to hear what you say even if I don’t agree or like it. That is the problem with our country today, too many people get their feelings hurt.
unfriend1So whether you are “Cruzzing” or “Trumpeting”, beef up. Politics is not pretty. In fact it can and usually does get ugly. It’s like making sausage, if you can’t stand to see the behind the scenes of making it, then stay out of the kitchen and enjoy the creation when it is done.

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1 Comment on Some people need tougher skin.

  1. Well if I am wrong you can always correct me, and I won’t say bye-bye unless you kick me out with my doggies 😛

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