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Trump not participating in Fox News debate

Before you send me all the hate mail and name calling, let me say upfront.  Even though I am highly displeased with Trump for not  participating in the Fox News Debate, I am still supporting him.

No-Fox NewsTonight, Donald Trump announced that he is “definitely not” participating in Thursday’s debate that will be conducted by Fox news because they will have Meagan Kelly as one of the moderators.

As I am sure you remember Kelly was one of the moderators in the first Fox News debate and Trump and many followers said she attacked Donald or at the very least was bias and unfair with her questioning toward him.   I too think the questions by Kelly were hitting below the belt and I understand his stance.







He is going to run into those who oppose him throughout the campaign and throughout the time that he serves as president.  He should not run from opposition!   This will give his opponents a lot of ammunition to shoot at him and I don’t like the picture that it may paint.

Honestly, I am not sure what he is thinking.  Donald would run circles around Kelly and she would not know which way is up or down.  Now instead if he does not go through with the debate, then this allows 2 hours of TV time that allows Fox News and Trumps opponents to attack him and he will be unable to instantly respond.  Not a good picture in my mind.trump-kelly

I remember when Obama became president, he wanted to ban Fox and would not do interviews with them.  I called him out then for not being man enough to face tough press, even if he thought it was unfair.  I called him out then and now I call out Trump.  Again, I am not saying that he was wrong about his perspective on Fox News and Kelly, I am saying that he is wrong in how he is “dealing” with it.

Let’s face it, those who are Trump supporter will vote for him, even if he “shoots someone if the streets” (j/k), but the debate in this case is not for us, but those who are not supporting him.  Him not showing up does not allow those independents and those who oppose him to hear more of his message.

I know that he plans on having his own townhall or something that will be televised opposite the debate on Thursday and I am sure if will draw a large crowd, including me.  (although I will DVR the debate).  Yes, I will watch the debate on delay as I am not a blind follower and want to know what the other candidates are saying and doing as well.

Having his own programming opposite the debate is a bold and risky move.

I like the fact that any proceeds made from his programming will be donated to Wounded Warriors which he had said before that CNN should do from some of their debate proceeds.  This shows us where his heart is and that he is a man of his word regarding helping out our wounded heroes.

Mr. Trump has ran a very successful unconventional campaign and it has worked tremendously to his advantage and in my opinion to the benefit of our country.  So saying that, even though I really don’t agree with his decision on this and I am not pleased personally because I think it could hurt his campaign, but everything that he does that  does not seem to be the right decision has turned out great for him.  I hope this is the case here.  The Iowa Caucus could be a major momentum moment for his campaign, the election itself and America as a whole, so let’s pray that his wisdom is right on this as it has been so many times before.  Just a few more days till the caucus and we will know then.

For the sake of America, good luck sir.

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  1. I support trump I do not support fox news

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