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Violence and Protest is EXACTLY why we need Trump as President

trump-chicagoWelcome to Chicago.  Chicago one the nation’s most violent cities has shown its true colors tonight.  Because of safety concerns, Donald Trump after discussing security concerns with the police, had to cancel his rally in Chicago.  An organized effort by protesters to disrupt Trumps rally caused the rally to be cancelled.

Sadly, what they are protesting is not Mr. Trump’s fault.  Chicago has been and continue to be under the thumb of the Democrat party.  In fact if we look at most cities and states in the United States, the ones that are under Democrat party leadership is in very bad shape.

These protesters come to Trump’s rally to cause a problem and yet some want to blame Trump.  Nonsense!  He has a right to have a peaceful rally and these “criminal” elements came to disrupt it, therefore violating the constitutional rights of Trump and his supporters.

People do have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to interfere with the legal assembly of a political process.  This indeed is criminal in my opinion.

chicagoThis is not the first time that Chicago has has problems of violence and threats of violence during a political process.  In 1968 The Democrat Party Convention was marred with extreme violence and riots.  (reference:

After the Rally was postponed and Trump’s announcer at the rally said it was postponed and to go in peace, minor scuffles began to break out.  Protesters grabbed Trump signs and tore them up and supporters grabbed protesters signs and tore them up as well.  Even though there were some minor scraps, at the time of this writing, there were no major injuries or arrest.

Looks like Trump made the correct decision as if he would have had that rally in Chicago, it may have turned into a really bad situation.

With thousand of people inside and outside the venue, tensions were high.  There were mixtures of protesters and supporters all together and the protesters celebrated which of course angered the supporters.  People have got to learn to be civil.  If they want to protest, then fine, but do it outside as it should be, but not to disrupted the political process.

These very actions by these criminals and thugs and yes I will call them that, show exactly why we need Trump.  If these people’s situation change for the better and it will under Trump, then they will be celebrating Trump.  In the meantime, maybe they should be protesting the Democrat party who have kept them down for decades.

News Anchors on MSNBC are blaming Trump for the violence, but yet, as far as I know he still had the righmake-america-great-againt to speak his mind and for the supporters to hear it.  SHAME ON YOU MSNBC.  If the protesters don’t like what Mr. Trump says and promotes, support your candidate and don’t vote for Trump.  That is the American way, not the way that you are doing it by breaking the democratic process.  Use the system, don’t disrupt it.



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