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We Are All Muslims

We are all Muslims is a theme that Michael Moore would have you believe and it certainly is the wish of ISIS.  ISIS of course wants the whole world to be Muslim and if non-Muslims refuse to convert, then they are killed.  So just the thought of Michael Moore saying we are all Muslims is disgusting to the millions of Christians, Jews, various other relWe are all Muslimsigions and Atheists.

It is also a disrespect to the thousands of Christians who have been martyred by ISIS and other Islam Extremest groups because they refuse to convert from Christianity to Islam.

Moore stood in front of the Donald Trump hotel and Tower, Trump Towers carrying a sign that said “We are all Muslims”.  Let
me get this clear.  We are all NOT MUSLIMS!  I myself am a Catholic Christian and accept Jesus as the Son of God, the second Person in the Trinity who died of the cross for me  and I do not accept the teachings of the false prophet Mohammed, his book or his followers.

Moore launched a social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aimed at promoting the rallying cry. He wants users to send photos bearing that line so that he can personally send a compilation of them to Trump.

Filmmaker Michael Moore is one of the most extreme liberals involved in politics.  He is starting this campaign against Donald Trump, because Trump said that we should halt Muslims coming into the country until we get this all figured out.

jellybeansIf I have 11 jelly beans and 10 are fine, but one is poison, I am not going to eat any of them until I can figure out how to detect the one that is poison.  That is just plain old common sense.  We all have a desire to protect our family and ourselves so yes, Trump in right on this and Moore is well, like always WRONG!

Despite his support, I wonder if Moore went to the Middle East and hung out with ISIS and did not convert would he be beheaded.  Of course he would.  That is what is always so puzzling about liberal stances, they just don’t make sense to an intelligent being.Moore_Flat_Fatty_Muslim_Beheading

So Mr. Moore, you are wrong, we are not all Muslims and in fact in the USA, MOST of us ARE NOT MUSLIMS!

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