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We are the victims of a Godless society and we keep eating from the apple.

I know all you atheist and all you anti-God folks will not like this article, (not to mention weak Christians) but I have to speak the truth.

Temptation-of-EveOur country and our world is sinking into the pits of Hell and we can’t seem to figure out why.  It is simple, we have thrown God out of our society or at the very least we have put him on the back burner.  Even worse there are many of us who think we know better that God and make up our own rules.  We as individuals have fallen to the temptation of the enemy and are eating the apple so we can be as smart as God just like Eve did.  (Yes, I know it was not an apple…. but so many think of it as so, so I use that language, but we know it is from Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil).


Satan came through and convinced Eve that God was lying to her and that if she ate theadam-and-eve fruit, she would be as smart as God.  Eve fell for it and ate the fruit and her eyes were open.  Then she convinced Adam and the rest is history.  They are thrown out of the best situation they could have ever had and forced to suffer the results of their sin.  And worse yet, it has been passed on fro generation to generation because we do not wake up.

Yes I know that this is not a theology blog but a political blog, but that really it the problem we are facing today.  We try to put God in a little corner and He needs (MUST) be in all parts of our world.

So as a result of us eating from the “apple” we think we know better than God.  As a result we have things going on such as abortion, gay marriage, or gay relations for that matter, sex with whoever will get in bed with us, destruction of the family, only a few people going to church, unending killings, (such as the murder-suicide today in the Arizona school), gangs, torture, abuse, increased racism, Muslim killing Christians and taking over our countries.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

The sad part is it is not the atheists that are causing the problem.  It is the Christians of today.

Yep, I said it, all the problems of the world today is because we have weak Christians who are not willing to stand up for God today.  When Christians are attacked both physically and verbally, we don’t do a thing but shake our heads.  We allow our politicians to pass laws that are anti-Christian and we  keep voting for them because they make us comfortable.

In 1973 abortion was legalized, but yet after all these years, we Christian have still not stopped the murder of innocent kids.  A few years back, gay marriage, sodomy and other heinous acts were legalized  and all we do is complain, but yet we still vote the same Satans disguised as politicians into office.  (yes, I did call them Satan).  Their acts certainly are for sure.

If Christians and all God-fearing/loving people stood up for God’s laws and stop thinking they know better that God, we could change our world literally over night.

The first step is to start filling up the pews in church again and hear the Word of God from God’s educated and anointed and not just someone who woke up one morning and decided they are a preacher.  We need to get our kids to church.  Kids are in the streets and not church and they are filling themselves with everything that is not of God and then they are going out robbing, killing, and sexing with the opposite and same sex without any knowledge that it is wrong.

Even if the atheist never come around, if just the Christians would do their part, it would make a difference.

Go to church, take your kids to church, live a Holy life to the best of your ability.  Vote for politicians that will not enact laws that are contrary from the Word of God.  If they do, vote them out.  Get involved.



Just because you were dumb enough to eat the apple and fell to the temptation that is destroying our world and our country does not mean you can not vomit it up.  Get that apple out of you and fill yourself with the Holy Spirit and watch God Bless America again.

We are in a critical time and you, me — WE must act now.

(They say you should not talk politics and religion and I managed to get them both into this one article, but we need God back in our country, our politics and our society.





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