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Who am I supporting?

YesterdRepublican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks during a campaign rally at the Sharonville Convention Center, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)ay, one of my friends on Facebook said that it appeared to her that I had not settled in on a candidate yet.  She is correct.  I was supporting Scott Walker and I think he stood the test in Wisconsin and showed great leadership and decision making.  Plus he would not back down and stuck to his principles.  Now that Walker has “suspended” his campaign, I indeed have not decided on a candidate that I can get behind exclusively.

Actually that is a good thing.  I will be happy if either Cruz, Trump or Carson gets the nomination and goes on to win the Presidency.  I like all three equally.  They all have many strengths and perspectives that I agree with and of course like us all, they have some weaknesses.

I really, Really, REALLY, want an outsider that has no loyalty to lobbyist, the establishment, or the party, but have a loyalty to the American people.

Dr. Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump fits the bill for this for sure.  While Cruz is a somewhat an”ited-cruznsider” since he is an established politician and sitting Senator, he still fits the bill in my world since he has shown he is not afraid to stand up to the establishment and stands with and for the American People.  He is a constitutionalist and listens to the people. Why can’t they all be like that?

Trump and Carson are true outsiders to the political world, but look how well they are doing.  In reality it shows how well they will be able to get things done since they have come into this arena and taken over.

I have been wanting and outsider to take the reins ever since Ross Perot, but now I think it is highly possible that it might just happen.

America is tired of promises of real change and yet get no real attempt, but instead, get whims, cowards and downright liars.  I think with Trump, Carson or Cruz, you will get the real deal.

I know some are leery of Trump and I understand, but I think he is the real deal, so whether it is Trump, Cruz or Carson, I think America can make the turn back to greatness.   Unfortunately I do not believe I could support any of the other candidates so hopefully if will be one of my Top three because I can get behind either one of the for 100%.

cruz-trump-2016Although I am not locked in yet, If I had to chose today, I would prefer a ticket with an outsider and an insider, so that there is a balance, so it could be a Trump/Cruz or a Carson/Cruz ticket.  Either of those I think would be the best administrBan Carson and Ted Cruz the dream team.ation for the Untied States that would help all Americans regardless of their race or their beliefs.


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