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Your Mama’s on Crack Rock

crackmamaDoes Media  drive reality or does reality drive media? That is the questions of all time and has been asked for many, many years.

I remember back in the early 90’s when a “song” came out called “Your Mama’s on crack rock” and I was very disturbed by this song.  I said at that time that this is the MAJOR continuation of the beginning of the end of a civilized society in America, especially for the Black people.


The above video basically emphasizes the destruction that was caused by crack being introduced into the Black community.  The video shows little kids being ridiculed by other little kids because their mamas were drug addicts.  It shows how the little ones defend their “mamas”, even though they were being destroyed by the ones that were suppose to be the ones that were responsible for teaching them how to be productive citizens in our society.

I am not sure if the video reflects society for a particular culture or if it shows the reality of a particular culture.  Either way, it really is sad. Since that era in our society, there has been such a downward spiral in certain cultures of the Black Society that I am not sure  we can recover from.

I say a particular culture because you can’t label any Race with one single label.  You can not say, all White people are, or all Black people are, or all Mexican people are… etc. etc.  Because there is not one label to applies to one single race.

But sadly I will say that the “destructive” culture of the Black people is what gets the headlines and causes people to form opinions of Black people.  The Thugs and the  “Ghetto” culture that people see all over the news is what makes others think we are all thugs and worst, even our own people begin to think that the thug Ghetto life is how we are all suppose to live.

I say… Bovine droppings….

I am not a thug, my kids are not thugs and my neighborhood (purposefully did not say my “hood”) is not a ghetto.

My kids, my wife, the mother of my babies, were not, is not and never was on Crack Rocks.

We are only high on life and the Lord and the life that He gives us.

Most Blacks are not living their life on welfare, or drugs or crime.  Most are productive in society and do not reflect the negative image that is shown in videos, music and other forms of media.  I say to all those who don’t like how media portrays you to stop supporting those who put you out there as the lowest of lows and more importantly, stop allowing yourself to put yourself out there like that


Education is the answer to changing your life.  Very few people who go to college end up in prison.  Unfortunately a lot of people (Not all) who do not finish high school do end up on the wrong side of the law.  What do you want for you and your family?

My mother did not go to college when she finished high school.  She started working to support her family.  Not her kids without a daddy as she did not have any, but the family she needed to support was her mom and siblings since their dad had died at an early age.  She finished high school, got a trade and went on to support her nuclear family. She went on to get married and I came about after that.  When I got into high school, she saw that I had to great interest in college.  So what did she do?  She enrolled into college to show me the importance even at her age.

Members of the graduation class of 2013 stand during the commencement ceremony before US President Barack Obama delivers the key address at Morehouse College on May 19, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

When mom started college, she had her own business and worked 6 days a week basically from morning to night and she  made those sacrifices for me.  She didn’t need college at that time for herself, but she wanted to encourage me.    It worked.  The same year I graduated from high school was the same year that she graduated from college.

Whether your mom is on “Crack Rock” or not, you are the master of your destiny and no one else.  Take charge.



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